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Between traditional and digital: The rise of FAST Channels

The emergence of Free Ad-supported Streaming Television (FAST) channels is a logical next step in the rapidly digitizing entertainment landscape. FAST channels offer a familiar yet innovative alternative to traditional television and Video on Demand (VoD). For viewers, these channels are freely accessible and easy to watch on all devices. Content creators and advertisers view FAST channels as an intriguing platform to reach their target audience personally.

Flexible linear TV gaining popularity among viewers

In an era where on-demand streaming services have become the norm, FAST channels provide a refreshing return to linear programming that evokes a nostalgic feeling for many. At the same time, they embrace digital technology to offer an accessible and user-friendly experience.

This concept of free, ad-supported TV channels is rapidly gaining popularity in the digital entertainment world. It combines the traditional TV experience with the flexibility and accessibility of online streaming. With a growing number of channels covering various topics, from movies and series to news and sports, FAST channels are quickly finding their way into the hearts of viewers.

Revenue through ad-insertion: easy to integrate

For content creators and advertisers, the biggest advantage of FAST channels is the ability to advertise very specifically to target audiences. There is a FAST channel for every hobby or interest, making personalised advertising highly appealing. Ad-insertion is a crucial aspect of the technology required for publishing FAST channels. This not only generates revenue but also provides the opportunity for a customised viewing experience with personalised commercials.

Livestream from a playlist with static content

Our platform, Media Torrente, is a perfect solution for facilitating FAST channels due to its unique ability to generate a livestream from a playlist of static content. This ensures a linear viewing experience similar to traditional TV. The unique technique that enables seamless transitions between playlists and an external ‘real’ livestream without the viewer noticing allows for dynamic and flexible programming, essential for the success of FAST channels.

With Media Torrente, administrators can easily integrate their FAST channels with the usual ad-insertion platforms. Our system supports SCTE-35 markers, making it easy to schedule ad blocks within a playlist. This provides the opportunity to maintain a good balance between offering relevant advertisements and a great viewing experience, essential for retaining viewer loyalty.

Efficient content management made simple

When it comes to efficient content management and distribution, we collaborate with MediaLab, a partner that seamlessly integrates our technology for a streamlined workflow. With MediaLab, managing your media assets is a breeze, and thanks to the integration with Media Torrente, you can publish a livestream directly from a MediaLab collection (playlist). This integrated solution makes creating and managing FAST channels a relatively straightforward process, ensuring cost-efficiency and scalability, essential factors for the success of FAST channels in the digital entertainment industry.

More cost-effective than traditional broadcasting

Setting up and maintaining traditional broadcasting channels can be a costly endeavour, especially if you plan to run multiple channels. With Media Torrente, operational costs are significantly reduced as static content is efficiently converted into a livestream. Furthermore, the platform is designed to scale with the growth of channels and audiences, without leading to a significant increase in costs. All of this makes Media Torrente a cost-effective solution for setting up and managing FAST channels.

Personalised live TV channels

The combination of Media Torrente and FAST Channels promises a future where the diversity and personalisation of digital entertainment are taken to the next level. We continuously enable streaming from an existing collection of static content, opening the door to a wide range of personalised live TV channels that can be tailored to the unique preferences and needs of different viewer segments. This sets the stage for further innovation and development in the industry.

FAST channels offer new opportunities

FAST channels bridge the gap between traditional linear television and modern on-demand streaming services, offering new opportunities for both viewers and advertisers. With our Media Torrente platform, the implementation and management of FAST channels become straightforward. The integration with MediaLab and its efficient content management solution provides a quick start for anyone looking to venture into FAST Channels.

The cost-efficiency and scalability of all these technologies pave the way for personalised and interactive FAST channels that can elevate the digital entertainment industry to new heights. We invite you to discover how we, with Media Torrente, aim to advance the FAST channel revolution to unlock a new era of digital entertainment.

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