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Create a virtual channel as you wish

Setting up virtual channels and advanced streaming solutions

It’s time to begin setting up your own virtual channel.  Monboso, a Dutch enterprise, offers advanced video streaming solutions for virtual channels. Besides, it provides no-nonsense, easily accessible services suitable for any organisation, whether large or small. Therefore, will you also start live streaming via virtual channels?

Endless applications for virtual channels

FAST Channel
OTT Channel
Delayed Live Event
Live Event
Thematic Channel Sports
or Children's Channel
Influencer Channel

Create a virtual channel as you wish

Our managed platform is a comprehensive framework that you can integrate according to your needs, with personal advice and guidance from our experts. Moreover, we handle the hardware and hosting, while the content on your channel remains truly yours. Consequently, you will not be subject to the whims of large cloud platforms. Additionally, our service complies with European quality standards and privacy legislation (GDPR). Especially for Dutch customers, if desired, we can provide 100% Dutch hosting, storage, and CDN distribution.

This is why you choose Monboso:

Managed Platform
Safe Storage
Personal approach
100% Dutch
Non expensive
No Expensive Equipment

Monboso for cutting-edge solutions

The founder and initiator of Monboso is Marcel Poelstra. With his years of experience in streaming, he developed Media Torrente, making advanced video streaming accessible to everyone, whether large or small entities. Furthermore, Marcel drew inspiration from Monte Rosa, the impressive mountain massif on the border of Switzerland and Italy. In fact, Monboso is the name Leonardo da Vinci gave to this massif during his explorations in the 15th century. Similarly, just as Monte Rosa connects two countries, Monboso also connects customer needs with innovative solutions

What is a virtual channel?

A virtual channel is a livestream composed of static video content (VoD), combined into a playlist and presented to the end-user as a genuine online livestream. Furthermore, this livestream can be scheduled in advance to start at a specific time. Additionally, a virtual channel can also utilise actual live sources. Consequently, this allows live events to be preceded by promos or commercials, or a local online TV station to switch to a live news item at a particular moment. With Media Torrente, we offer a complete managed platform that serves as a framework to build your own online virtual channel application around. Therefore, you don’t have to invest in backend servers, hosting, or CDN distribution. Instead, we provide a comprehensive solution to get started with.

Livestream event

More and more concerts and theatre performances can be followed online via a livestream. However, if you prefer to offer your livestream event in 4K but don’t want to purchase costly live encoders and associated infrastructure, Monboso has the solution. Instead, you can pre-record the event and then broadcast it semi-live online in high quality. Moreover, our collaboration with premium Content Delivery Network (CDN) partners guarantees fast and reliable streaming, even to large audiences.