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From stadium to stream: The new era of fan engagement

Sports Channels

In today’s sports world, establishing a direct connection between clubs and their fans is crucial. Creating such a community is not only essential for a club’s survival but also key to building a loyal and passionate fan base. In an era where digital interactions are increasingly dominant, setting up your own video sports channel is a strategic move for clubs to strengthen this vital bond. However, the traditional path of establishing and managing such channels can be both financially and technically burdensome. Fortunately, there is now a fresh and cost-effective solution available.

Enhance Fan Engagement with Your Own Live Sports Channels

With Monboso’s Media Torrente, you can create a livestream composed of your own sports content. You compile a playlist of static videos that you broadcast live at your chosen moment. What your fans see is a genuine online livestream. The beauty of Media Torrente lies in its focus on online live sports channels, rather than traditional linear television, which is more suitable for today’s digital era.

The core of Media Torrente lies in the unique technology that converts static content into dynamic live channels. This sets it apart from traditional live broadcasts, which often come with high operational costs. With Media Torrente, if there are no viewers, the costs remain relatively low. This means significant cost savings, especially when broadcasting content 24/7.

You can create your own sports channel affordably in two ways:

  1. Your community’s engagement is enriched when the channel is accessible through your dedicated app on smartphones, tablets, or smart TVs. This can provide a single platform with all your relevant content, including the 24/7 virtual livestream of your sports channel. This way you create an interactive fan experience and increase fan loyalty.
  2. If you don’t have a platform yourself to compose your sports channel, MediaLab is the solution. With this efficient and user-friendly platform, you can easily manage and distribute your content. Thanks to seamless integration, compiling and publishing a live channel via Media Torrente from MediaLab is straightforward.

Elevate fan engagement to the next level with your own team branding

In comparison to platforms such as YouTube or Vimeo, Media Torrente in conjunction with MediaLab offers an exclusive and branded experience. External platforms tend to divert attention from your content and lead viewers to other channels, while profiting the most from your content. Moreover, the operational costs of continuous livestreams via these platforms can be high.

Every player can have their own channel

The innovative technology powering Media Torrente enables you to surpass the limitations of traditional live channels. It offers the possibility of creating multiple personalised live channels, enabling clubs to have a wide range of channels at their disposal, such as a dedicated sports channel for a popular player or a channel specifically for a team. If there are no viewers, your costs remain relatively low, allowing you to personalise to your heart’s content without channel costs skyrocketing.

Commercials and exclusive fan content

Media Torrente comes with support for ad insertion, thanks to the ability to include SCTE-35 markers, seamlessly integrating with (online) ad insertion platforms.
This enables clubs to provide their sports channel for free by including advertisements, while paying fans or community subscribers can enjoy an ad-free experience with exclusive fan content. Similarly, as long as there are no viewers, operational costs stay within control.

Effortless transition into live streamed matches

Last but not least, Media Torrente also offers  seamless transitions between static content and live streams. In the case of a live match, the channel can effortlessly switch to a live broadcast and back again. This enables offering special content during, for example, the halftime of a football match or airing special commercials online, enriching the fan experience even further.

Start building your community and expanding your fan base now

Media Torrente is not only a platform for creating sports channels; it is a gateway to a sustainable and personalised fan experience. The technology and our partnerships provide a solid foundation upon which your club can build to elevate the fan experience to new heights.
Contact Monboso and discover how Media Torrente paves the way for the new era of communities and fan engagement.

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