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Live Streaming with Virtual Channels

Setting up a virtual livestream is incredibly simple thanks to our unique combination of technology, knowledge, and experience. Our main product, Media Torrente, offers a managed platform for virtual channels. Create your own virtual channel, tailored to your preferences. 
We offer both accessible options and advanced integrations with existing solutions.

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Creating a virtual livestream?

What do you need for this?

We’re eager to meet with you in person to discuss your live streaming project! Let’s connect and explore how we can bring your vision to life.

Craft your own livestreaming channel


Our hosting and Content Delivery Network (CDN) for your livestream are located locally in the Netherlands and enable scalable streaming to a large audience.


Our experts advise and support the integration of our virtual live channels, even in combination with existing ecosystems and workflows.

Managed platform

Our main product Media Torrente is a complete managed platform for virtual channels. It's a complete framework, and easy to integrate.

Create a virtual channel completely tailored to your preferences

Our managed platform is a complete framework that you can expand according to your own preferences, with personal advice and guidance from our experts. We handle the hardware and hosting, and the content on your channel remains truly yours. You are not at the mercy of the whims of large platforms. Our Dutch hosting complies with European quality standards and privacy legislation (GDPR).
Matter Vispa
The Vispa River originates from the glaciers of the Monte Rosa massif.

Managed platform for virtual channels

Media Torrente

The ultimate TV experience, but online OTT. Media Torrente creates genuine livestreams based on playlists. This means an uninterrupted livestream for the end-user. Combine playlists as well as “real” livestream event video sources for your virtual channel. With Media Torrente, you get a complete framework including a transcoding workflow, storage for video files, and CDN distribution within the Netherlands, 100% GDPR-proof.

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Integration and advise

What application or solution are you looking for in a virtual channel? We’d love to think along with you. Our experts will assist you with guidance and advice during the implementation of Media Torrente integration into your existing systems and workflows. Additionally, various custom solutions are possible for your specific situation or application. Monboso operates from the Netherlands, and we’re happy to simply come to you.

Fast and reliable livestreaming

Streaming at scale

Fast and reliable live streaming is crucial for the best user experience. Our transcoding workflow transcodes your video files in the best quality, while the top-notch CDN ensures flawless and scalable distribution throughout the Netherlands, and beyond. Moreover, our hosting complies with European quality standards and privacy legislation (GDPR), and for Dutch customers, we can provide 100% Dutch hosting and storage if desired.


100% Dutch, 100% Local

Our company and our services are based in the Netherlands. Founder and initiator Marcel Poelstra has been engaged for years by the media world as an expert in streaming and CDN. His inspiration for the company name Monboso comes from the name Leonardo da Vinci gave to the imposing mountain massif Monte Rosa. Just as the Monte Rosa massif connects two countries, Monboso also connects customer needs with innovative solutions.