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We Move Mountains for Our Clients

We are a Dutch-based enterprise, known for our precision and quality, offering managed solutions for virtual channels and advanced video streaming applications. Our local expertise, in collaboration with our partners’ combined services, ensures a tailored and efficient approach to your streaming needs.

Solutions for virtual channels

Decades of experience in media and streaming

The founder and driving force behind Monboso is Marcel Poelstra. Marcel has been a prominent figure in the media and streaming industry in the Netherlands for many years. His expertise in OTT, streaming, and CDN is often sought after by various organizations, reflecting his reputation as a leading specialist in the field.

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Pushing boundaries

Our inspiration comes from the mighty Monte Rosa massif, located in the Pennine Alps on the border of Switzerland and Italy. This massif, bridging two countries, mirrors our ambition to push boundaries. Additionally, Leonardo da Vinci’s vision of ‘Monboso’, as he named the massif, serves as a source of inspiration. His trailblazing way of thinking encourages us to stay innovative in streaming technology.

Leonardo da Vinci’s ‘Monboso’

In his quest for progress, Leonardo da Vinci frequently climbed Monboso, currently called the Monte Rosa massif. He observed and researched the extreme blue skies at high altitudes.  This intense blue colour is reflected in our logo and brand identity. It represents our clear vision and innovative approach in streaming technology.

You receive a complete framework that you can tailor to your preferences, with advice and guidance from our experts.
Managed Platform
Mana­ged ­Plat­form

By opting for our 100% Dutch storage, content that you store on our platform remains truly yours, and you are not subject to the whims of large platforms

Safe Storage
Safe­ Storage
We’ll gladly join you for a coffee to discuss what you need. Our experts will personally guide you, even on-site if necessary.
Personal approach

Our hosting complies with European quality standards and privacy legislation (GDPR). For Dutch customers, we optionally can even provide 100% Dutch hosting, storage, and CDN capacity.

100% Dutch
100%­ Dutch

We take care of  the integration and hosting; you create your virtual live channel entirely according to your preferences, without the need for costly equipment.

Non expensive
No Expensive Equipment

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Who is Monboso for?

Whether you’re a large corporation or a small startup, Monboso is here to support your journey with virtual live channels. Our expertise is at your disposal to craft a virtual live channels application that aligns with your company’s preference. Gain access to a comprehensive framework that you can customize to your needs, with our team providing step-by-step guidance throughout the implementation process.